Forsythia hedge

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Our forsythia are blooming like crazy right now. Other people may keep theirs pruned back, but we’ve left ours to grow. They’ve turned into a nice hedge that blocks our view of the neighbor’s house.

I love it when they’re blooming. When you turn onto our street, you can’t help but notice this huge glowing line of yellow bushes. Now if I could just figure out what plants to grow in the rest of my yard so that I could have a constant show of flowers all the way through until fall.

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2 thoughts on “Forsythia hedge”

  1. Before we sold our house, we had a hedge of these. I loved them. We never cut them due to wanting privacy. The spring before we moved, I took some of the shoots and started another hedge on the other side of the yard. Of course, the new owners didn’t take care of them. My former little house looks so sad and unloved, now.

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