The crocus I didn't plant

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Samuel called me outside the other day to show me some purple flowers that were growing in my flower garden. Isn’t this crocus beautiful?


It’s so funny. There are three crocus plants in my garden. They’re beautiful, and always the first of my flowers that bloom. The weird thing is I never planted them, and have no idea how they got there. All I know is they’ve been blooming since we moved back from Indiana.

It sure is nice to enjoy them though!

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6 thoughts on “The crocus I didn't plant”

  1. Sometimes squirrels dig up bulbs and bury them elsewhere. Maybe that’s how the crocuses got there! What a blessing! Enjoy them. I love crocuses. They remind me of the hope that we have when things look bleak.

    1. Interesting thought. We have a ton of squirrels around here, and they often come up by the porch where these are. Never thought about that. Thanks, Terry!

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