Our chicken coop

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A friend of ours asked to see pictures of our chicken coop. It took me a while to find these – they weren’t on my blog like I thought they were.

This was right after we finished building it in 2005. If I remember right, it’s 10 by 10. Everything was given to us in some way or another – mostly from friends and things from Freecycle.



We’ve changed some things since then. The hutch inside is now outside and houses our quail. The feed cans aren’t inside any more either. We’ve also added a large fenced-in run for the birds and additional nesting boxes.

We’re down to 13 chickens now. It’s really strange to have so few when we were used to around 60. We just ordered 12 Buff Orpingtons from our farmer’s service store, and we’re planning on incubating some of our own eggs when the nights are a bit warmer too.

It’s supposed to rain for the next several days so I’ll probably forget to take any new pictures by the time the weather clears up. But there you have it – a look at our chicken coop.

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4 thoughts on “Our chicken coop”

  1. They look like good farm birds! Have any of the roosters attacked at all? Some of ours used to do that (they didn’t live long after that) until we got bantams.

    1. Actually, no. Most of them have been really gentle for the most part. For all the stories I’ve heard about terror roosters, we’ve never had one. I’m very thankful for that too!!!
      We stick to full breeds (or sometimes mixes we incubate ourselves) and really haven’t had a problem.
      If they were mean though, we’d eat ’em. Simple. LOL!

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