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Our Walmart is closing their fabric section and has all their fabric for 50% off. By now, it’s probably pretty slim pickings, but this is what I was able to get last week:


Some of it is for quilts (enough muslin for a quilt backing for about $5 – crazy!), some is for clothes, some is stash-building, and there’s a few pieces of ribbon for hairbows. It looks like I’ll be set for a while. I’m going to miss the convenience of going to Walmart to get fabric, but thankfully we still have two other stores in town that still sell it.

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6 thoughts on “More sewing”

  1. Dixie, that’s great!

    Susan, I can’t imagine not having a good store nearby to browse. I don’t shop for fabric too often, but would really miss it if it weren’t an option anymore!

  2. I hate it that WalMart got rid of its fabric department! Here in North Vancouver, our WM still has fabric, but it’s a small amount. Their craft area is not all that great, but it’s better prices than Michaels. We have one fabric store in the next town over, but their prices are outrageous if you’re not a Club Member, which comes with a fee! I haven’t bought much fabric in several years, but every now and then I’ll find some for free on Craigslist.

  3. Michelle, they’ve been going back and forth with ours, but not to the extent of yours. That must be aggravating!

    Stephanie, she gave you the rest off the bolt? Lucky! I’d like to go back but don’t have extra in that budget category right now. That’s ok though. I got a bunch of remnants the other day, for like $.40 each. It was great. Have fun making curtains!

  4. I looked yesterday and ended up buy more lol then I didn’t get one type and went back today to get it and bought more lol. There wasn’t much on the I guess its spool (Not sure) so I got it and there was extra on there. The lady gave it to me she didn’t want to make remanants. So I gotta pretty good bit extra. Im planning on curtians we will see how it goes.

  5. Our Walmart still has fabric, but I keep hearing rumors that we are going to lose it. About 2 years ago, they started clearancing the department, only to chnge their mind. Even the store manager said they don’t know if it will stay or go. The really bad part? There is no where else in our community that sells fabric. All the other places have closed.

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