I love Totally Toddler stain remover!

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Totally Toddler
(Image from Totally Toddler website)

Years ago, someone gave us a bottle of Totally Toddler for Samuel’s baby shower. That stuff is amazing. It got dried-on red koolaid stains out of a white shirt, so after that, I was hooked.

Yesterday Anna had a massive diaper blowout. It was totally my fault – I tried pinning her diaper differently. Guess we’ll keep doing it the way we usually do from now on, because they rarely leak if pinned right. Anyway, the mess was everywhere – her pajamas, undershirt, bouncy seat. . .I took the clothes and sprayed them down really well and let them soak for about a half hour before I threw them in with a load of diapers. They went into the dryer before I remembered to check them.

Every bit of the stain is gone. No trace of yellow whatsoever. I’m thrilled. As long as I’m able to find it in stores, I’ll keep Totally Toddler in my house. It’s worth it. We like it so well that last time I bought it I bought a half-gallon refill jug. We’re set for a while. It’s marketed as a nursery stain remover, but it’s worked well on just about everything we’ve tried it on.

If you’re in the market for a new stain remover, I suggest Totally Toddler. They aren’t reimbursing me for posting about it, it’s just a product I’ve tried and love.

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