Fleece soakers

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Recently I came across a pattern for fleece soakers.

They go together really easily and doesn’t require a lot of fabric. They’re really trim, and do a great job of containing the wetness. Even though I measured both kids (the green soaker is for Caleb), they both fit pretty snug. Next time I sew any, I’ll make the next size up.


And just in case anyone is wondering, I still love the Rita’s Rump Pocket dipes. Since Caleb’s have seen nearly constant use for the past two years though, they’re getting really thin and threadbare in some places. I’m hoping he’ll be out of diapers before too much longer, but until then. . .

The pattern also includes instructions for adding an outer skirt to the soaker (similar to these). I’m really tempted to try those for this summer!

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4 thoughts on “Fleece soakers”

  1. Stephanie, kind of, only with a diaper underneath. We have a lot of diapers that need covers, but not enough covers for them. These will help with that.

    I would like to see the quilt when you’re done!

  2. Those really look nice. Like wearing undies kinda? We are almost finished with my 5,6,7, lol not sure years of making a quilt for Sara. Hopefully this weekend we’ll make the finish line lol.

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