Two nursing covers

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The boning was coming out of my nursing cover, so I decided to make a new one. Normally I would just repair the old one, but the way they packaged it to ship it bent the boning before I even got it. Once it started coming through the fabric, I decided to just make a new one. Not to mention the excuse to use my new sewing machine. . .

This one is made from 3 fat quarters from Walmart. I really liked the print, so I pieced it to make the cover. It’s a couple inches shorter than the one in the nursing cover tutorial, but it turned out nicely.


After that, I made one for my sister-in-law.

I pretty much followed the directions for it, since I had more fabric to work with. Hopefully she’ll like it.

They were really fun to sew and went together pretty quickly. Anyone need a new nursing cover? I still have boning left to make a few more. . .

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6 thoughts on “Two nursing covers”

  1. It was right above all the elastics where they have the shoulder pads and stuff. I was really surprised to find it there. It was logical where they had it, I just didn’t think it was something Walmart would carry.

  2. Sunny, it is a lot easier with the boning. My old cover just kind of flopped down because of the boning being bent. The new one is nice because it’s so easy to see. The fabric I used is too lightweight though so I’m not really happy with it after using it a few times. It doesn’t stay down as well as I’d like. Which is too bad because it’s so cute!

    The only time I’ve noticed a problem is if someone is standing behind me when I’m using it. When they’re standing a bit in front of me there doesn’t seem to be any issue.
    You could also just keep things covered up more under the cover just in case. My favorite thing about the cover is not having to worry about keeping myself modest while I’m trying to latch the baby, because it’s all hidden behind the cover. Once latched, it’s easy enough to stay modest even if the cover gets moved for some reason.

    Oh – got the boning at Walmart. 3 yards for a couple dollars. It was really reasonable if you ever want to give it a try.

  3. Hey Melody,
    Do you like the boning? I made a cover but I didn’t have any boning, so I made it without. I wasn’t going to use because I was afraid that people would see down the cover if I were seated and they were standing. Are there any modesty issues like that? I am sure it would be MUCH easier to see what in the world you are doing with the boning.

  4. They’re taking ours out too – they were supposed to start at the first of this month. The fabric was just prepackaged fat quarters for $1 each.
    I get fabric sometimes at Hobby Lobby – their quality is great and with sales or a coupon their prices are reasonable. That’s where I got the blue striped fabric for the second cover.
    We also have a HUGE fabric store called Mary Jo’s. They’re somewhat legendary, and the selection is amazing. The only drawback is most fabric starts around $5 a yard and there’s not usually sales or coupons. But to just browse – wow.

  5. That is pretty fabric. All of our Wal-Marts have the fabric section taken out when they remodel, so there is only one Wal-Mart with fabric and it is in a bad part of town. Where else do you like to buy fabric?

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