Inventory time

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It’s the time of year for jewelry inventory again. That’s a rather tedious task, but this year I had a few helpers. A friend from church came over today, and a little later two of our teen girls came over as well. It was wonderful – three of us were counting beads while one of the girls played with my kids. It was a real blessing to me to not have to do it all myself. To do all of it alone after the kids are in bed would have taken me a couple of weeks. The counting was the hardest part – and that should be pretty much done by tonight.

Later I’ll go and put all the current reorder numbers and prices into the spreadsheet, making next year much easier. I did all this last year, but that document was on my drive that was destroyed a few months ago so it needed to be redone (now it’s on my hard drive, on a usb drive, AND on my Carbonite drive. It’s not getting lost again). It’s a bit of a hassle having to reinvent the wheel. On the other hand though, it was an amazing blessing having help today!

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