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Today was pretty unusual in that five packages came in the mail. It was so fun!

There was a box from, paid for with Swagbucks gift cards. I can’t wait to try out the cute little nested cookie cutters – they’ll work as flowers or snowflakes.

Two of the packages were supply orders for Hope of My Heart orders.

One package was a Christmas gift for Stephen, but of course that’s not pictured. ;O)

The biggest box was Tupperware. It was huge! I felt like a kid at Christmas unwrapping it all. The boys loved the boxes. I can’t wait to get it all washed so we can use it. If you need a Tupperware lady, go check out my friend Erin’s Tupperware site. She’s the best!

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  1. glad to see you got your tupperware! Have fun sorting through it. I just love getting packages even when I ordered it myself lol

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