And the winner is….

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We have a winner for the necklace giveaway!

Mama's Darlings Sterling Heart Birthstone Pendant

It was so fun to read what everyone’s favorite piece of jewelry was. Many ladies wrote that their favorite piece of jewelry was their wedding band, and I definitely understand why. My wedding band is one of my favorite pieces as well.

The winner, chosen via

#20 is Karen. She says:

My favorite piece of jewelry is a mother’s bracelet that my dh bought for me a couple of years ago. It has three strands of silver and colored beads. Each of my girls names are in silver blocks – one per strand. I love it!

Can’t wait to make your necklace and get it out to you!

If anyone is interested in buying a pendant for themselves, you can get it at my storeHope of My Heart Designs.

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