My $.88 turkey

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A long time ago, you could go on the Jenni-o turkey website and request a $5 coupon. I did, but never had a chance to use the coupon after it arrived. It stayed in my purse, but I’d pretty much forgotten about it.

Until this week. Walmart had their Jennie-o turkeys on sale for $.40 a pound, so I went to buy one (after buying one at Aldi earlier for $.99/lb – wish I would’ve known about the Walmart sale then!). After the coupon, a 14-pound turkey cost me only $.88. I ended up buying two turkeys, and got twice the amount of turkey for literally half the price I paid for one at Aldi. It was interesting trying to find room in the freezer for another turkey, but I wasn’t about to resist them at that price.

The other one is in our frig, thawing. It’ll probably need to be cooked before Thanksgiving, but that’s ok since we’re going to Stephen’s grandma’s for the day anyway.

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