Great chicken massacre of '09

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. . .or maybe I should title it, “Why I hate stray dogs so much.”

A stray dog dug under the fence into our chicken coop this morning. It killed 18 of our birds so far, plus two more that are alive now but won’t be for much longer.

It’s so frustrating. We’ve tried to make sure the fence keeps out animals, but apparently the ground was extra soft out there from all the rain we’ve had lately. Either way, that’s a lot of our birds that are now gone.

Two weeks ago something got in our small chicken pen and killed all the birds we were fattening for the freezer. Now this happened today. I’m more aggravated that the birds (and their eggs) were a source of food for us that we don’t get to eat now.

One small consolation is that it will free up some extra cash in our budget. Our egg selling days just came to a halt, but at least we’ll still get a few fresh eggs for ourselves.

It’s going to be weird having such a big coop with so few birds in it. . .

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6 thoughts on “Great chicken massacre of '09”

  1. Allison, it wasn’t too bad. Of course, I can say that because Stephen dealt with it. ;O)

    Dana, the dog didn’t have a collar on and didn’t look like any of our neighbors’ dogs. We have no clue whose dog it was. Maybe that’s a good thing – for someone to reimburse us for the birds would be over $300. I’d hate to ask someone to pay us that much, though it would be totally fair.

    Corrine, thank you!

  2. I would be so mad too, infact I would find out who owned the dog and make them replace your birds.

    Call the local game warden and let them handle it birds cost money and expecially since you were planning on eating them yourself.

    I hope you can get reimbursed for you chickens.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about that. I grew up with pet ducks and I adored them. But one day all we saw were feathers – a fox had discovered them. It was very sad (especially since they were pets and not food!).

    God has a reason for this – odd as it may be. I hope the clean up isn’t too bad.

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