Peanut butter fudge flop

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One of my all-time favorite sweets besides chocolate is peanut butter fudge. I remember one year when my grandma tried to teach me to make it. Hers always turned out so well, and mine. . .not so much. We had to scrap that batch and make another.

Then a few years ago I found a recipe for peanut butter fudge that didn’t call for marshmallow fluff. That was great because we don’t typically keep the marshmallow stuff in the house. The fudge turned out ok, but the more I made it, the better I got at it.

Then with us trying to eat healthy and me trying to lose weight, I pretty much quit making it. That’s probably a good thing, as much as I like it!

Today I caved and made a batch. The flavor is good, but it’s so dry and crumbly. That’s a real disappointment! Does anybody know why it would have turned out that way? I think I remember reading somewhere one time that you can’t overbeat it at the end, but I don’t remember where that was or if that’s correct or not.

Now there’s a 9×13 pan of chunky-looking peanut butter fudge sitting in my kitchen. Once it’s completely cool, I’ll cut and freeze it.

Good thing it wasn’t intended as a gift, because it doesn’t look as pretty as I’d hoped. At least we all like how it tastes!

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