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Mercy : Gold Watch at Hope of My Heart Designs

I need your opinions, please. I’m considering giving jewelry parties, but my biggest hangup is I’m not overly comfortable being in front of people. I’ve been to Tupperware and other parties like that, but never a jewelry party. Are they pretty similar?

I’m not sure I have the guts to do it, but it would be a great way to get my business name out there. The thought of making up a bunch of designs ahead of time sounds like FUN too – I usually make things as people order them instead of keeping a lot of things made up.

Does anyone have any suggestions, tips, advice, etc. for me?

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3 thoughts on “Opinions, please”

  1. I’ve been to 2 different kinds of jewelry parties. one is like tupperware where they have a magazine and samples and the “seller” shows stuff. They order and pay then get it later. The other kind was a bead type party where they have all the makings of bracelets earrings necklaces and you pick out what you want on it and they make it right then for you and you pay and leave. Maybe you could do a combo. Make some stuff ahead of time and make a brochure/magazine type and have both available. I would be willing to host a party for you to practice. The watch is beautiful. I think I found Emily’s lost earring in the dryer! but you can give me a price for a bracelet and necklace. Maybe that will work for Christmas!

  2. Cookie Lee Jewelry does home shows. I’ve not been to one, but I have bought through a lady using their catalog. The ladies that sell have a supply of jewelry and you buy what she has. You are able to leave with the goods, instead of waiting for it to come in.

    I think this would be great idea! Make up your inventory to show and sell. They don’t have to wait on it.

  3. That would be a great idea! A lady at allison’s work had a pocketbook party and my mom went to a candle party why not jewlery. They were just like tupperware and suff. The person spoke about the products gave you a book and you could also purchase items then from them and had refreshments. I think you would do great!

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