One of those days

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This is definitely one of those days.

I finally heard from the company that I sent my broken USB drive to. They think they can fix it, but estimates start at $450. That’s a good bit more than I budgeted for. There was just enough tax-related information on there that I guess we’ll be saving up to have the drive repaired before we file our taxes for this year.

On the bright side, most of my older important information was stored on our external hard drive. All my music arrangements are safe. For that, I am IMMENSELY grateful. It was nice to see just how much was older than I thought and therefore not gone for good.

If you have anything important on your computer, getting Carbonite is a good investment. They back up the contents of your hard drive daily, so if anything happens, you can get the data back. We’ve talked about getting it for each of our computers, but just haven’t gotten around to doing it until now. Lesson learned.

And just for the record, the contents of the mug are actually herbal tea tonight instead of coffee. Imagine that.

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