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This is just a little reminder to back up your important files. If you haven’t done it in a while, it’s probably time to do it again.

I had been trying to keep my hard drive as free as possible, so I was saving a lot of files on a USB drive. I did a great job at saving my files, but needed to back them up somewhere other than my USB drive. I just hadn’t done it yet. Now I think I’ll store files in both places, because that little USB drive broke this week. Now I’m researching companies that can repair a physically damaged drive.

Some of the files I’m not worried about, but others I am. Like the year’s worth of pictures that were on that drive. . .I was just thinking how I needed to back them up to a CD, but hadn’t done it yet. Now I’m hoping that whatever company I send my drive to will be able to get them back for me. Those were the most sentimental files, but I had a lot of information that was pretty important to me on there.

So take it from me – back up your information so you don’t lose something important!

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