Hair accessories – my newest obsession

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Lately I’ve found a new obsession: making hair accessories for Little Miss. I blogged a while back about some tiny bow clips I made for her. While they’re cute, they don’t stay in her hair very well. I found some no-slip ideas on the internet but haven’t had a chance to try any of them yet.

Then I went to headbands. These crochet headbands are wonderful because I can clip all sorts of bows and flowers into them. No more wondering if they’ll stay clipped into her hair!


Here’s a better look at the flower. Anna had a full belly and was just about to fall asleep.


Stephen has been teasing me because I made several bow and flower clips last night alone. They’re so fun to make though – it’s hard to stop at just a couple.

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4 thoughts on “Hair accessories – my newest obsession”

  1. Sara and Susan, thank you!

    Jessie, I bought the headbands from an ebay seller (futureindustries). I’m honestly not sure why they’re called crochet because they don’t seem to really be crocheted. They’re more of a woven, twisted ribbon band. They’re for sale all over the internet, and almost always called crochet headbands, if that helps. I had to sew a couple a little bit to be convinced they wouldn’t ravel, but for the price I’m not complaining. Have fun, and I hope you post pics on your blog if you do make some!

  2. Hi Melody,
    Are you using a pattern for the headbands. If so, would you mind sharing? I’d love to make some for Naomi. Thanks, Jessie

  3. Those little headbands are so cute! When Beth was born, they were just coming into style (she’s 16 now!), and Wes didn’t like them and wouldn’t let me use them. I think he thought they’d hurt her head or something. Your Little Miss looks so cute in them! Have fun playing with them!

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