Loving My Father's World curriculum

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I am absolutely loving the My Father’s World curriculum that we’re using this year. It is so much more fun than school was last year.

One thing I really like is all the fun projects we do. Samuel made a mobile of the sun, moon, and stars as a part of his M – Moon unit, and we hung it in his bedroom.


The next unit is A – Apple. We went grocery shopping today, and Aldi had their apples on sale for just over $1 a bag. We bought three different kinds.


Samuel will observe the differences in flavors and colors later this week, and we’ll enjoy eating them in the meantime. The Gala apples we are planning to make into applesauce. The others we’ll eat plain.


These don’t have much to do with school other than the fact that they’re apples. We really enjoyed them though!

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