The sunflowers are drooping

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The other day I posted about my sunflowers. They were getting really tall. Here’s what they looked like then:


This is what they looked like after a few rainy days:


They have a lot more blooms on them, but they’re drooping pretty badly. They do this every year – I’d love to know how to keep them standing tall. Any suggestions?

Here’s a shot I took today of a bumblebee on one of the blooms. It was fun to try and take the picture, since the flower was about 6 feet high and there was just enough wind where the stalk wasn’t completely still.


Here’s one more picture I took today – just because I like how it turned out. This rose bush is right outside my kitchen window.


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4 thoughts on “The sunflowers are drooping”

  1. Jessie, that makes sense, but I hadn’t thought of that. Thank you!

    Your comment about the name had me curious though. When they were given to me (freecycle!), the lady just called them perennial sunflowers. So I looked them up yesterday. Apparently they’re Helianthus maximiliani – or Maximilian sunflower. They’re in the same family as daisies, that’s for sure! Here’s the wikipedia article, if you’re interested.

  2. Hi Melody,

    How funny that you call those sunflowers, my neighbor ( a senior) calls them daisies. Regardless, I think they are trying to reach the sun and thus leaning over for it. Both her sunflowers and mine have stayed straight, but are in full sun most of the day. Don’t know if that helps any…just a thought!

    Jessie, from PAI

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