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Using Swagbucks has proven to work a LOT better than I expected when I first signed up with them. WOW! I just redeemed more Swagbucks for another Amazon gift card. This makes $45 in Amazon gift cards that I’ve earned so far!

It took me a while to sign up with them. I’d seen several posts about it on various blogs, but wasn’t too impressed. Then I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it. I was a pretty die-hard Google fan, and figured I could always switch back. To be honest, at first, I considered switching back to Google. Now though, I have no desire to. The Swagbucks add up fast enough that I’m able to redeem them for gift cards a lot faster than I thought I would. That works for me!

They also just released a new toolbar for your browser. I’m not usually a big fan of add-ons (I’m more of a minimalist in that regard, I guess), but I like this one. They’re giving out a new swag code (which, if entered on their site, gives you one more SwagBuck, sometimes two) every day this month through the toolbar. I don’t know if I’ll keep the tool bar installed after this month, but for now, I’m enjoying the extra Swag Bucks earned from it.

Take a look at SwagBucks. I personally think it’s worth signing up for.

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2 thoughts on “Swagbucks again”

  1. Well, when you’re searching for “signs of labor” 42 times a day. . .LOL!

    Seriously, I search a lot. So does Stephen. But especially when I’m doing web design, I’ll usually just do a search for the exact syntax rather than try to remember it right. Been doing a LOT of that lately, so that helps.

    The other thing that helps is getting referrals and friends to sign up with your link. If you get people to sign up with your referral link, you earn SB when they do, for the first 100 SB that they earn. You get enough people under you, and it goes really quick. But it’s not like MLM or anything – it’s just the people that sign up from YOUR link. Not people who sign up from your friends’ links…….and it’s just the first 100 points from each person. I only have 6 people under me, and get a good bit of points from them. But I’ve had them under me for long enough now that there’s a few that are about to hit the 100 limit (it shows how many they’ve earned toward that 100 in your account) – so no more points from them for me. So that helps too.

  2. what do you search for that you have gotten taht many cards? lol I have been using it too but so far i haven’t had enough to redeem. please give me pointers lol

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