Newborn diapers

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Here are 6 of the newborn diapers I finished yesterday. They seem so tiny compared to the other diapers! They’re from the Mama Bird NB size pattern, but from what I’ve read, the lady that offered the Mama Bird pattern isn’t offering it for free any more.

I had quite the adventures making these. The first two (not pictured) I got the steps out of order, so they don’t have the hook and loop closure. It’s not a big deal, since I don’t mind using pins, but I didn’t intend to make them that way. Then, when I did go to put the tabs on the rest, I sewed some of them on the outside of the fleece instead of inside on the flannel where they belong. Oops. Thankfully, Stephen noticed it before I did them all that way – and he even sat down and picked out the stitching for me on one of the diapers before he had to go do something else.

I just love brand new diapers. They’re so soft and fuzzy. They hold up well enough in the wash, but I wish they stayed this soft on the outside. Oh well!

That gives me a total of 19 newborn-size cloth diapers. They’re stuffed and in the drawer with the rest of the diapers, ready to go!

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  1. I have not tried cloth diapers before, but I am wanting to. With the RRP pattern, do you also need to make the cover to go over the diaper? Also, could you explain in more detail about “stuffing” the diaper? I’ve read all your blog posts on cloth diapering – thanks for all the tips.

  2. It’s kind of a swirly floral. It’s really pretty, but the print is probably too big for the size of the diapers. The colors are pretty, aren’t they?

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