Iced coffee recipe

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The other day, Mommyof8blessings asked if I’d share the recipe for my iced coffee. Unfortunately, I usually just dump things into the glass and eyeball it.

Here’s what I use though:

1-2 packets sweetener (I prefer Splenda)
generous splash of liquid French vanilla coffee creamer
equal parts coffee and milk to fill the glass
handful of ice cubes to chill it

Any flavored creamer would work, but I prefer the vanilla. Vanilla isn’t my favorite for hot coffee, but it is for iced. I’ve also used powdered milk for the milk portion of this, and it’s turned out fine that way as well.

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3 thoughts on “Iced coffee recipe”

  1. Hey Mama! Just got back on the internet again! How are you feeling? It shouldn’t be to much longer for the new little one, should it??? I can’t wait to see her…have y’all picked her name out yet?

    And also, I want to know if I could buy some of your beeswax balm!?

    Keep me posted! Love Ya!


  2. mommyof8blessings

    Thanks a bunch, Melody, for including the recipe!! I made this today and it was delicious!

    God bless,

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