Hairbow addiction

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One of the gifts for my baby shower on Saturday was cash. I decided to use a little of it to buy supplies to make some hairbows for Little Miss. I also bought fabric to sew her some clothes, but those projects are a little farther down on the priority list at the moment.

Here are how the clips turned out. I love them!


They were so easy to make, and they made up so quickly that I have a feeling Little Miss will have no lack of hairbows once she arrives. These were so fun to make! I used the tutorial here to make these. I’d love to try some other ideas, but figured I should stop with these for now.

The problem is that Hobby Lobby had what seemed like half a million ribbon choices. I could literally make bows to match every single outfit.

I can definitely see this becoming an addiction. . .

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7 thoughts on “Hairbow addiction”

  1. Oh my Melody, I am due with a girl in January and I am thinking I NEED to make her some of these!! They look super cute!!

    Thanks for sharing the pics and the tutorials!!

    What are korkers?

  2. Grace and Heather, thanks!

    Hobby Lobby did have the ribbon on sale – which is the only reason I bought so much this time. I normally would have held back a little more. But wow – at those prices you can make clippies and bows for pennies! I’ve seen tutorials, but you’ll have to show me how to make the korkers some time.

  3. Those are great Melody! I love making the korkers too. I have made Emily a good many and have many more to make. HL is great when they have the ribbon on sale!

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