Cleaned my craft closet

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This morning I tackled my craft closet. I needed something that was in one of the bottom boxes, so decided to clean while I was in there.

The closet usually ends up being more of a catch-all. It’s the closet in the music room so if we need to find a place for something quickly, it usually gets set in there. I left some of my most pressing projects out (the stack of fabric in front is cloth diapers in varying stages of completion) so they could be finished easier, but everything else got sorted, put away, or tossed.

It might not look like a lot of improvement to anyone else, but it is clean. I can actually get to everything at the back easily now.

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3 thoughts on “Cleaned my craft closet”

  1. Sara, I thought about calling you to watch the boys while I did it. Only it was before breakfast!

    Grace, an organized mess works for me!

  2. We have a cupboard like that too. For a while it was really messy until I got on top of it and did a huge tidy up. It’s now an organized mess 🙂

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