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Today my order from Mountain Rose Herbs arrived. It was so fun to look through the box at everything.

My original intent for the order was to get supplies to make Nursing Mother Tea. I had a good bit of supply issues when nursing Caleb, so this time, I’m going in armed and ready. Last time, I bought premade teabags by the case, and drank almost a gallon of the tea a day. It helped my supply – but I went through the tea SO quickly! When I found a recipe to make your own tea using bulk herbs, I was thrilled. It helps that I should be able to get roughly double the amount of tea for about the same amount of money.

Then while I was over at the Mountain Rose Herbs site, I ordered a few other things I’ve been wanting to try, like powdered stevia and soap nuts.

I haven’t mixed up the tea yet, and I really can’t wait to try the stevia and the soap nuts!

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5 thoughts on “Box in the mail”

  1. Heather, I noticed that from the fenugreek pills that I took. I could always taste them.

    One of the ‘extras’ I ordered this time was fenugreek seeds. We’ll see how they work compared to the pills.

  2. alfalfa pills do work. I used them myself. I didn’t have ture indigestion from them but could always taste them when I burped later lol

  3. Mary Lou, thanks! There is alfalfa in this tea, so I’m curious how that will work.

    Trixi, thanks. I’ve seen the Bulk Herb Store, but last time I considered ordering from them, they either were out of stock of what I needed or the price was higher. I’m pretty happy with Mountain Rose Herbs, though I did like skimming the BHS website.

  4. I hope you don’t have milk supply issues this time around. I had them and they are no fun. I heard from a good friend of mine that alfalfa in capsules works wonders. I did not know about it when I was having troubles or I would have tried them. If the capsules give you indigestion or headaches, just open the capsules and take the alfalfa with applesauce. 🙂

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