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Here are some pictures from the past couple days:

The Princess and the Paparazzi – the boys were playing with the baby monitors, pretending they were taking pictures of their sister

Anna in a kimono gown I made her last Saturday. Tutorial from Habitual, modified (lengthened and added extra set of ties).

Anna had her first pediatrician appointment today and she is doing wonderfully (not that I was worried; it was just nice to hear it!). We’re still adjusting to having five people in our family instead of four, but it’s a change that we all love!

My parents are down visiting from Michigan this week. It’s been wonderful to spend time with them again. I don’t have many pictures, but Dad and Mom have taken quite a few. It should be fun to look through them!

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2 thoughts on “A couple pictures”

  1. Oh Melody, she’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO glad all is well for you! I can see the boys love her so much, she is blessed to have 2 GREAT big bubbies! {Baby talk for brothers! LOL}

    I would love to come visit, when you are ready for visitors! Remember there will be 4 with me, the girls & Jaysen {my grandson}. So that’s why I said when you are ready! The girls will be so excited when I tell them and show them her pictures! She really is beautiful, Mel.

    Got alot to talk about when I come visit you. Right now I’m taking foster parenting classes, but wanting to adopt 3 beautiful girls! {Not sisters though} I’ll tell you more when we come visit!

    Take care of your growing quiverfull!!!! :o)

    In Christ Jesus,


  2. Your going to have to get them boys some cameras lol. Sam was taking pictures with Sara’s the other day. He maybe our next photographer (guess thats spelled right). Miss Anna looks cute in all that pink.

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