Homemade body butter

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Lately I’ve been experimenting with beeswax to find a good recipe for body butter. So far, I’ve made a type of balm that is wonderful for dry skin. I like it for my skin, but it also works well as a diaper rash cream.

Saturday afternoon, I made up another batch since we were almost out. It smells faintly of honey, which I absolutely love. It also dissolves into the skin pretty quickly, without a greasy feel. The only thing I’d like to change is the texture. When it first cools, there’s a pretty hard top layer. After you use the top layer, it’s a nice creamy texture. I just can’t seem to figure out how to keep it creamy throughout the whole jar.

This time, I took pictures along the way.

Just after adding the olive oil to the beeswax. The oil was cooler than I realized, so it actually caused some of the wax to solidify for a moment.

After the wax has melted again and mixed with the oil. The darker stuff in the bottom is actually honey that hadn’t been rinsed out of the wax completely. It will not completely dissolve in the double boiler. If you want to add honey to your mixture, it must be stirred in as the product cools.

Poured into jars to cool. One jar is for me, the other is for the changing table.

Once the jars are almost cool. The one on the right is more solid than the one on the left for some reason. It hardened into a beautiful yellow balm.

The last time I made it, the wax was a lot lighter colored. I really think I prefer the darker yellow – to me it’s just prettier for some reason.

It’s been a lot of fun experimenting. I don’t have a recipe I’m 100% thrilled with yet (due to the hardening on top), but I’ve been really pleased with the results. Most of the recipes I’ve found have been good places to start, but it’s been more fun to make changes to devise my own.

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4 thoughts on “Homemade body butter”

  1. Dear Melody,

    Thank you for sharing this. I wash dishes by hand and I have yet to find a good cream to use that will soften them. I have been using olive oil only but I would like something with a softer scent.

    I am going to try this this weekend…thank you!


    lady m

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