Updating my sewing list again

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Today I finally finished the cloth diapers that I’ve been working on. There are sixteen here. A friend gave me some fleece she wasn’t using so I can make more (thanks, H!). I’m not sure exactly how many more it will make, but it should bring me pretty close to my goal of two dozen. They are from the Rita’s Rump Pocket pattern (which by now is probably not a surprise to anyone).

All the diapers in this picture have a really pale pink flannel for the inside. My favorites by far are the pink ones with the hearts and flowers. They turned out so cute!

Although it seems like I’ve been working on them for forever, they really do make up pretty quickly. I’ve been doing them assembly-line style, and that seems to help too.

Stephen also asked that I make up some more newborn diapers, so those are next on my list. I printed the patterns today, but didn’t get any farther than that.

Here’s my sewing list as it stands now:

*Large diaper bag – I have a small one that will work at first, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to need something bigger

*Cloth diapers – 16 completed, have fleece for more. The flannel inners are already cut out, but not the fleece outers.

*Cloth diaper covers – have fleece for these (navy) – just need to find my pattern and cut them out.

*Bouncy seat cover – thinking of removing this. Stephen is concerned that the boys will torment their sister in the bouncy seat, so I’m waiting to make a new cover. I still might, but we’ll see how things go with the old cover first.

*Maternity dress

*Pajama pants for Stephen

*Comfortable skirt for me

*More wetbags

*Newborn cloth diapers – 8 made, giving me a total of 19 NB size pocket diapers

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7 thoughts on “Updating my sewing list again”

  1. Glad you can put the fabric to use. No sense in something sitting in the attic when someone can use it. 8o) I love the pink diapers with the flowers they are pretty! Have fun sewing!

  2. Thanks, Marla! What Hana does is exactly what Stephen thinks Caleb will do. Guess we’ll see. As for how close – I can’t believe it either!

  3. You are my inspiration Melody! I love all the stuff you make. I just wanted to comment and second the “sister tormenting” comment Stephen made about the bouncy seat. We threw ours away! Hana insisted on helping Kai bounce and lets just say he didn’t enjoy it much. It was too tempting for her. I just always put him in the excersaucer instead (which she still bounced him in, but it wasn’t as violent as the bouncy chair). The days that they are happy in that bouncy seat are so short anyways, you won’t need it for long! I can’t believe it is so close to time for her to arrive! So exciting!

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