Tomorrow's Forecast: 97 degrees

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Our a/c died tonight after we arrived home from church. I smelled smoke, heard a series of popping noises, and the air shut off. It won’t come on any more. I’m thankful for ceiling fans in every room, and in-laws who live five minutes away if things get too hot in here. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 97 degrees.

One big thing I’m thankful for is a repairman who accepts calls on a Sunday night and makes plans to be here first thing in the morning. He asked if he could be here around 8. I told Stephen I don’t care if he gets here at 6 am, as long as we can get our air fixed.

Now I’m just praying it’s an easy and low-cost fix!

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8 thoughts on “Tomorrow's Forecast: 97 degrees”

    1. Ahhh…cold sounds GREAT! We’re suppose to get another heat wave this weekend…so i’m not too thrilled…but it’s been a great summer so far!

  1. It’s been great…except for the temp of Lake Mi…but oh well. Hope you have a *cool* time at your in-laws!

  2. Not overly cool, just not quite as hot as normal. I’ve been absolutely amazed at how cool yours has been. Mom’s been keeping me updated and the temps just seem so cold!

  3. We’re looking at relief tomorrow (hopefully). I think it’s the dew point that makes the heat index…not sure though. 9:30pm and 75 degrees out. Has your summer been relatively cool too?

  4. Thanks, Susan!

    Carolyn, the 97 is our actual forecasted temperature. Right now at 7:45 it’s already at 92% humidity. I don’t know what that makes the heat index, other than 100 or over. Lovely, huh? The heat is supposed to break here on Wednesday, and I’m looking forward to it already!

  5. Ah…sounds vaguely familiar to MI’s weather right now. It’s sooo humid that the heat index here is like in the mid 90’s! Can’t wait for relief on Tuesday!

  6. Oh, mercy! I’m praying you get your AC fixed early in the morning. Having lived in SC and TX, I know how hot it can get, and fast.

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