'Tis the season. . .

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. . .for school lunch leftovers again. YAY!

We went to Stephen’s parents’ house tonight to make homemade ice cream. When Dad arrived home from school though, he brought with him three 9×13 pans of Chinese from today’s lunch at school. Several local restaurants cater the lunches there, and today’s lunch was Chinese.

The fun thing for us was that we got to take those three pans home with us. Dad’s not home enough to eat it, and Mom doesn’t like it – so we get it.

There’s sweet and sour chicken, sesame chicken, and a whole pan of fried rice in the refrigerator for us to choose from. It’s a nice treat since we all like it! I’m especially happy about it because that’s at least two meals for our family that I don’t have to cook this week. Easy lunches are the best – and I’m really excited about it!

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