Teaching piano lessons

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Tuesdays are my “big” lesson nights. I like to schedule as many lessons in one day as I possibly can so that it’s easier on my family throughout the rest of the week. It usually doesn’t work to schedule 100% of my students on one evening, but having the majority on one night does help.

Tonight, in between lessons, my boys ran into the studio. Here’s what I saw when I walked in:


What made me laugh, though, was Samuel. He was shouting to Caleb, “Good teaching, Caleb!” Guess Samuel never realized that the one in the chair is supposed to be the teacher. . .

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4 thoughts on “Teaching piano lessons”

  1. It is an adventure, isn’t it? It’s become enough of a routine that it’s easier now, but still. . .it gets crazy sometimes.

  2. Too funny! I teach music privately too Melody and I know the upheaval it causes on the evenings I have students over, and there’s only DH and I at home! We tend to have a lot of visitors and guests over though so it’s quite a juggling act to keep everyone happy at times! Precious pic!

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