Sorting through clothes

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It absolutely amazes me how kids can amass so many clothes sometimes. I sorted through the boys’ clothes this morning and was absolutely flabbergasted at the amount of outgrown clothing they have.

The blessing of it is that I shouldn’t have to buy Caleb many clothes in the next TWO sizes. I think most of what we have will be the right season for him. Aside from trying to find a place to store it all, it’s nice knowing we should have very little to buy.

What I’m really wondering is how fast Caleb is going to grow. If he grows as quickly as he has been, that puts him and Samuel in the same size clothing some time this winter. It was also funny to pull out clothes that Samuel wore last winter, knowing Caleb will be able to wear them this winter. I sure wasn’t expecting that last winter.

Sorting clothes wasn’t on today’s to-do list, but it did need to be done. Now we can get two plastic tubs off the porch and back under the house, and the boys’ closet looks a lot better too.

Now. . .to figure out how and where to store the baby’s clothes!

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