Missing church

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Today Caleb and I stayed home from church. He still has just enough of a cough that he didn’t need to be in the nursery, and I can’t say that I’m not still contagious myself. So we stayed home.

First, let me just say that it was weird. Since our church only has one pianist, if one of the kids is sick, Stephen usually stays home with them. To be honest, it’s not a solution I’m 100% happy with, but it is the most workable of all our options. Every time he’s stayed home while I’ve gone to church, I feel bad that he has to miss. Today I got a taste of what it’s really like.

I miss church!

I am so thankful for the pastor that God sent us. He has been such a blessing, and I have been learning so much lately. The past few weeks he’s been doing a series on what young people face today. It’s been absolutely fascinating to hear him outline how to decide if something is appropriate. The first two weeks were on music, and last week and the week before were on dress and modesty. Stephen said tonight’s message was on dancing. I’ll have to listen to the recording later since I missed it. I really appreciate that Preacher is doing this series. As a teen, my excuse was often, “I don’t do ____ because Baptists don’t do that.” It would have been nice to be able to explain the why behind things.

I can’t wait until Wednesday. It feels strange not having been in church, and I miss the preaching!

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