Letter from Grandma

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Several weeks ago, I called my grandma to ask her a question about dill and pickles. Today’s mail included a letter from her, with a couple heads of dill inside so I could see what she was talking about. That was so sweet of her, and a handwritten letter is always a treat!

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4 thoughts on “Letter from Grandma”

  1. ..and I also type too fast, but evidently not accurately enough! Another thing which doesn’t happen with snail mail 🙂

  2. Handwritten lettersa are SO precious! I still ahve a box full from my ‘younger days’ 🙂 Even to this day, to me, a handwritten card or letter is worth a hundred emails!

  3. I love letters from Grandma!
    Growing up when I was at church camp I would always get a letter from her. It was such an encouragement to get them from her during the week. She knew I loved being at home with my family and that it wasn’t always easy to be away from them and those letters helped get me through the week.
    Same thing with my mom. I always had a letter from her too!
    I still have those letters and will forever. Such a wonderful reminder of the loving family God has blessed me with!
    Thanks for sharing your special letter.

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