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Yesterday I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies to freeze. I didn’t expect to get almost 7 dozen from a double batch of cookies, but it was nice. They were just barely underbaked, making them practically irresistable. The hard part now is staying out of them, even if they are in the freezer!

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4 thoughts on “For the freezer”

  1. Beth loves to make dough and freeze it, then take out a little to make a few cookies. I wish she’d do it more often so I wouldn’t be tempted in weak moments to eat the few dozen cookies in the cookie bin! 😉

    The few times she’s made cookies and frozen them, everyone forgot they were there and they dried out, so we do better freezing the dough.

    How long will your cookies last?

  2. I was going to freeze the dough, but actually making them into cookies is a safer option around here. Stephen warned me that if I put dough in the freezer, he’d eat it. Having kept cookie dough in the freezer before, I know from experience that he’s not the only one who would eat it straight from the freezer! LOL!

    The only thing that keeps me out of the dough now is the raw eggs and being pregnant. I can only imagine how hard it would be for me to leave it alone post-baby!

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