Finding a balance

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Lately my days have been so busy. It’s been quite the challenge finding a balance.

First, we started school this week. We’re using My Father’s World this year. Not that it’s been long, but so far I’m loving it.

Another thing I like is Caleb is now old enough to sit at the table and color while Sam and I do schoolwork.


The thing that’s been the hardest for me is balancing housekeeping with work and my increasing lack of energy. Stephen has been absolutely amazing, helping me with household tasks that are typically mine. It frustrates me that I’ve had a harder time getting things done, but he’s been really understanding.

Quick update on the pregnancy – I’m currently just past 34 weeks. The baby dropped last week, which has been interesting to see how my symptoms have changed. I’ve had tons of contractions (which increase greatly when I’m on my feet) but at my last OB visit, they did a preterm labor test and apparently the contractions are just Braxton Hicks. It’s frustrating to me because they don’t follow “typical” BH signs like I’ve read about. I have another visit this Monday where they’ll check Baby Girl’s position and do the Group B Strep test, so we’ll see how things are going then. The countdown to my due date is now in the 30’s. I still can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone!

There’s an upside to all the extra sitting though. I do occasional web design work for people on the side, and lately have been absolutely swamped with work. That’s pretty unusual for me, but I’m thankful. In fact, I got two new bids on work within 20 minutes of each other last week! It’s been a lot of fun working on the sites, but it has taken up most of my spare time. Neither of the current two projects have given me specific deadlines, but given how close I am to my due date, I’m feeling a bit of pressure to get them done quickly. I’ve felt like a bit of a web-nerd mom lately though! :O)

Another fun little tidbit is Samuel got his very own laptop this week. I was at a local Christian school last week them with their website, and made a comment about how I needed to get a bigger laptop bag. That reminded my Mother-in-law (the secretary there) about an old laptop they had there. She sent it home with me for Stephen to check out. Turns out it’s an absolute dinosaur and doesn’t work well enough for anyone at the school to use. They told us to throw it away, so we let Sam play with it. He LOVES it.

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  1. LOL Grace! I’m feeling a lot of (self-imposed) pressure right now to get it done SOON! My problem is finding a good, workable balance.

  2. ((((Hugs Melody)))) that’s a lot to deal with/balance right now. I feel tired even reading about all you do, lol!

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