False alarm

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My ultrasound was this morning. Apparently yesterday’s huge measurement was a fluke somehow – baby is measuring right on track.

It was a real relief. I will admit that I was pretty scared about considering being induced (or more). Granted, sometimes those things are needed, but I’m hoping for as natural a birth as possible.

It was a lot of fun to get to see the baby again though. The tech verified that baby is still a girl (yes, I was a tiny bit worried after all this preparation!), and it was fun to see which of her body parts have been poking me. :O)

So, back to our regularly scheduled programming, and back to looking at a due date of just under 5 weeks away.

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5 thoughts on “False alarm”

  1. I’m glad everything turned out ok today. I was induced with my first 2. It’s a harder labor, but not necessarily a “bad” thing. Still, I can understand being anxious about it, so I’m glad that’s a relief for you!

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