Coming home

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After yesterday’s adventures with the bees swarming, you’d think today would be a bit less eventful. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

Stephen went outside to leave for work and could hear buzzing. He looked around, and discovered that the hive that tried to swarm yesterday had completely left the hive and was resting at the top of a tree across the yard.

He managed to catch the queen yesterday, so she was already in the queen cage in the hive today. The bees won’t go anywhere without the queen, and since she can’t get out of the hive to go with them, the swarm returned home.

I’m not sure what happens next. Hopefully the bees will become satisfied with their current home again, but if not, well, guess I have more to learn about beekeeping!

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2 thoughts on “Coming home”

  1. Wow! I’m glad he didn’t have to go to the hospital too!

    That’s one reason why this picture isn’t as clear as I’d like. I zoomed in as far as my camera would go so I wouldn’t have to get that close. Everything I’ve read implies that swarms aren’t usually too aggressive, but I figured I’d be careful anyway!

  2. Glad they’re safe and sound! I’m sure you use a lot of their honey. We have 2 hives in back of the house that so far are doing well. One hive seems to have a temper though as they ATTACKED my Dad! He was apparently mowing to close to them and as a result got AT LEAST 50 to 60 stings…although after taking a look at his back…i’m sure a heck of a lot more! So glad he didnt need to go to the hospital!

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