Baby measuring huge

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Had my 35 week appointment today. They did the group B strep test. Then the midwife informed me that I’m measuring big. As in 40 weeks. 5 weeks ahead.

None of my other appointments have they mentioned me being big, much less that big. What in the world?

I have an ultrasound scheduled for the morning. If she looks like she’ll be around 8 pounds, they’ll induce me at 39 weeks or so. If she’s bigger than that, they’re talking cesarean.

I am completely flabbergasted. How did she get so big, so fast? I’ve only gained 24 pounds this pregnancy. I’ve eaten carefully. And why did they not catch it sooner?

If she’s measured on track the rest of the pg, is it really still possible I’m farther along than the 35 weeks they’ve been saying? My dates were “off” at the beginning so I guess it’s possible. . .

So – moms of big babies – talk to me. Induction and cesarean both freak me out right now. The only consolation at the moment is the thought that at least I don’t have to worry about going more than about 4 more weeks.

But what in the world?????

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5 thoughts on “Baby measuring huge”

  1. Just remember us medical folks are smart but there is always human and technology error to figure in to that equation. Why did she bring up c/s?

  2. Carolyn, that is hard to imagine with someone as tiny as Kendra!

    Corrine, she could be wrong, and the baby has definitely moved – she dropped right after my last appointment. As for my weight – I gained one pound since that appointment two weeks ago. That’s a lot of why we’re so puzzled.

    Hopefully tomorrow’s ultrasound will give us some more concrete answers!

  3. Could the midwife be wrong? Has the baby changed position? Did your weight jump also? I have had all my babies c/s so I am not against them per se but I really wouldn’t wish that on you, if you can avoid it. C-sections are hard on your body and make things more difficult if you want to have more children in the future.

    Good luck!

  4. You may be devivering sooner than expected 🙂 Talk to Kendra about big babies…Leah was over 9 lbs i believe!!! She managed to deliver vaginally…not sure HOW with that petite body of hers…lol!

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