Farmer Sam

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Samuel got to pick his first watermelon the other day. It was so neat to watch him run through the yard as fast as he could to come bring it in the house. He got as far as the door, and dropped it onto the cement. Poor guy! I wanted to get a picture of the look of accomplishment on his face, but he was so upset he wouldn’t look at the camera. The watermelon isn’t that damaged though, so we put it in the refrigerator anyway. It should be cold enough to eat by now!

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3 thoughts on “Farmer Sam”

  1. That’s a BIG watermelon! Poor Samuel, I can imagine how incredibly disappointed he was wanting to get to the ‘finish line’ to show off his catch, only to drop it :{ I hope you’ll show him your blog so he knows just how proud of him you are! :}

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