Sewing projects list

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Maybe if I put my list of sewing projects here the accountability will keep me going. We’ll see how well that works.

*Maternity dress – almost finished. Just needs the lining stitched down and the bottom hemmed

*Pajama pants for Stephen – on the table to be cut out

*Dark colored elastic waist skirt for me – for after delivery when all I want is something loose and comfy for around the house

*Cloth diapers – Rita’s Rump Pocket – fleece outer and flannel inner. Goal: 24. Have 6 fleece outers cut out so far, but need to find more fleece. It doesn’t have to match the flannel I have, but I don’t want it to completely clash either. I’m not insistent that Little Miss have all pink diapers (lavender would be nice too, lol), but I don’t have enough diapers already made for two kids in them at the same time.

*Cloth diaper covers – for nighttime diapers. These would be for both kids in diapers.

*More wetbags – I sewed two a few weeks ago (really need to blog about that soon) to store dirty diapers in. I liked them so well I bought fabric to make more so I always have a clean bag while the other is in the wash.

*Bouncy seat cover – the cover to our bouncy seat wore out just enough after Caleb that I don’t really trust it for much longer. It looks pretty easy to copy, I just need to find fabric and actually make it.

Looking at this list has me feeling a little bit of pressure. After all, baby is due in 80 days, and almost all of these projects I would like done before then. Better get sewing!

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