Photo365 – July 23

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Several online friends of mine decided to take a picture every day for a year and post them on their blogs. I figured I’d join in, or at least give it a try. They’re calling it Photo365.

I’m not the best photographer in the world, so hopefully this will help me improve my skills!

My camera is a Fuji FinePix 5.2 megapixel camera. Nothing fancy, but more than adequate for what I use it for.

Here’s my starting photo (taken last night): 4 jars of freshly-canned dill pickles.


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2 thoughts on “Photo365 – July 23”

  1. Faith, I’ll try to post it in the morning. The only problem with it is there are very few instructions. I had to call Grandma about it – and didn’t write down what she said – which left me wondering once I got a chance to actually make them, lol! They are really easy though.

    We grew pickling cukes this year, but honestly I wasn’t satisfied with that particular variety (bulk from the feed store – so not sure what exactly). The smaller they are, the better they work. Within reason, of course.

  2. So, where is the recipe? I am thinking a small batch would be good for me to start with since I have never done it before. Also, can I just use regular cucumbers from the garden or do they need to be pickling ones?
    I love the idea of pictures each day too!

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