Our curriculum arrived today

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This year we’ll be using the My Father’s World curriculum for Samuel. While I like the content of the A Beka curriculum we used last year, the way it is set up didn’t work as well as I would have liked for our family. After a considerable amount of reading and research, we finally decided on using My Father’s World for Kindergarten.

The box arrived today, and it was so FUN to look through! I’m really excited about getting to use it this year. I will admit – I’m a little bit nervous about the ant hill project. I keep getting mental images of the ant farm container getting knocked over in the house.

Right now our tentative plan is to start some time in August (I’m just now starting to map out lesson plans and trying to figure out a good start date), rather than wait until after the baby’s born to begin. By starting a little early, we’ll easily be able to take a break for a couple weeks when Little Miss makes her appearance.

It was really fun to watch Samuel as we went through the box. He even asked if we could start school today, and was disappointed when I told him we were going to wait a bit longer.

I’m excited about this coming school year!

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4 thoughts on “Our curriculum arrived today”

  1. Hey we are using MFW too and it was exciting for me to get the box as well. I am not letting Hana see it because she will want to start right away too! I am so excited about getting started!

  2. We’re using MFW too and I am really excited about it. A Beka is so overwhelming to me! I don’t know when we’ll start school since our life is so up in the air but I hope for it to happen mid-August. Ugh – pray for me sista 🙂

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