Updated sewing list

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Just thought I’d update my sewing list here to keep me accountable. I’ve been working, but I’m not convinced it’s evident.

*Maternity dress

*Pajama pants for Stephen

*Comfortable skirt for me

*Cloth diapers – 16 complete diapers in progress, need to find and cut fleece for at least 4 more

*Cloth diaper covers – have fleece for these (the navy) – just need to find my pattern and cut them out

*More wetbags

*Bouncy seat cover – still need to find fabric

Guess I’ve gotten some done, but looking at this list, it doesn’t look like much!

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3 thoughts on “Updated sewing list”

  1. What kind of material are you looking for for the bouncy seat cover? I think I have some cotton pink gingham if you want it too. We really need to get together now that Emi is feeling better. Let me know a good time for you!

  2. Melody,

    Thank you for including your sewing list. I am also a sewer and creating my own homekeeping notebook. Yours has been a very good example…

    in fact, I printed your pages 😉

    Can you tell me what you use to make the diapers. And also, how often do you change your little guy?

    Thanks…you could e-mail me or answer here, I stop often but first time commenting.

    Many blessings to you,

    lady m

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