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Here are our finds from a trip to Value Village this morning. They have a half price sale roughly once a month. It’s a madhouse in there, but worth it for the good deals you can find. This morning, all these clothes cost us a whopping $14.41. I was able to find a few more clothes for Little Miss, some church shirts for the boys, and a bit more fleece to get more diapers finished. I’m not sure if it will be enough, but considering I’m completely out of anything that looks ok with pink flannel, this amount will really help.

One of my favorite finds is this little dress. It only cost $1.50 today.


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4 thoughts on “$14.41”

  1. No problem, Lori! Ours advertises their half off sale in-store….but it’s usually once a month. Hope you like yours as well as we like ours!

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