Making pickles

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This is my first attempt at making pickles. The recipe I’m using is my grandmother’s recipe – one she remembers her grandmother using years ago. The pickles are in the canner right now. We’ll see how good they taste in a few weeks.

What I like about it is the recipe is per jar. It was nice to go outside and pick the dill from the garden, and then make just enough jars of pickles from it.


Dill is so pretty, but I like growing it for the scent too. It’s just so, um, summery. :happy_tb: After I picked it, I set it in a jar of water so it wouldn’t wilt before I had a chance to make the pickles.

Here’s a shot of the salt, alum, and dill in the jar before I added the cucumbers.



After adding the vinegar:


Three jars I sliced the cukes into spears, the other I left whole. Grandma always left hers whole, but I wanted mostly spears.



In most of the pictures you can see all the tomatoes on our counter. I’m trying to decide if there’s enough of those to can a batch yet!

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  1. How do u can tomatos? This is all new to me. I am going to try and do some salsa I hope. What exactly do u do?

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