Little dresses

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The other day I dug out all the clothes we have for this little girl. I wanted to see what sizes we have so I could figure out what we still need. Here is everything laid out on the table. It’s all just in piles by size. It was actually really helpful to sort it this way. I now have a better idea of what to look for the next time I head to the thrift store.


Here is a little dress I found at Value Village the other day.


It was only $2.50, and my favorite part about it is the smocking. Isn’t it beautiful? I can just imagine a little white eyelet shirt underneath it. On the other hand, I have a beautiful white crocheted sweater with blue edging that was given to us when Samuel arrived. It might just go with this dress too. We’ll see once I find it again.


There’s a couple of other little dresses with smocking on them. It’s really making me want to try to learn how to smock, but it’s taking me quite a bit to work up the nerve to actually try!

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4 thoughts on “Little dresses”

  1. Lori, that is so cool! My mother in law and I have talked about taking a class, but the closest one I found was an hour away. I’d drive that far, but Mom doesn’t want to. Oh well – maybe something will come up closer some time.

  2. I love the little dress.

    My sister smocks. Most of my niece’s dresses have some sort of smocking on them. It’s one of those arts that not too many people know how to do. She did take a beginners class to get started.
    Her sewing machine will smock, but she had rather do it by hand. Something, that she wants to be able to pass on to her dauhter.

  3. My whole living room was an explosion of *pink* when I sorted out the shower gifts and clothes we got from Kevin’s co-worker! 🙂

    The smocked dress is pretty! I haven’t tried smocking yet, but I’d like to one of these days!

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