Thrift shopping adventures

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We’ve had a lot of fun thrift shopping lately. It’s so nice to find what you’re looking for!

Since we have roughly three months left until Little Miss arrives, we’ve been working on rearranging things to make room for little girl things. We’ve had quite a few lengthy discussions about what would be the best way to organize. The other day, we finally decided to look for a large cabinet with shelves. Stephen figured it would be a great place to put all our linens, especially since they’re stored in random places right now (like in the boys’ dresser).

Yesterday I stopped at a thrift store run by a battered women’s ministry. Their prices on clothing are so good (children’s clothes for $1 to $2 each!), I figured furniture would be reasonably priced. It was.

There was a huge cabinet for $30, but all the furniture was on sale. I was able to buy it for only $20! What a shock – and a fraction of what we thought we’d have to spend. It works perfectly where we placed it in our room and actually frees up space from the steamer trunks that were there before. I’ll try to post pictures later once everything is situated on/in it.

Then today, we stopped by my other favorite thrift store on our way to Walmart. Can you believe the kids and I were out the door this morning before 9:30? I’m still amazed! Stephen needed a couple things for his beekeeping toolbox, which were easily found. I even found a double boiler for only $2.40. It’s small, but should make the work of melting down all our beeswax much easier.

The rest of our finds this morning were clothes for Little Miss. That was my original intent for stopping there, and we found some nice things. Samuel absolutely loves shopping for his little sister – he would find an outfit and ask if we could buy it. A lot of what he picked out was actually what we were looking for, so he was very pleased that we were able to buy it.

It seems like we tend to go thrift shopping in spurts, because it’s been a while since we’ve gone. But the fact that we were able to get so much of what we were looking for was really nice today!

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  1. Tami, it always amazes me what treasures can be found at thrift stores. And I’m not much of a junk-lover – just someone who loves to get nice things at low prices. It’s such a blessing to be able to outfit my two boys that I can only imagine how wonderful it is for 7 kids!

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