Silly me

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After washing dishes tonight, I was wiping up in the kitchen and stepped into the laundry room to put something away. I was almost blown away by the smell in there. It was awful!

It was a dish towel that we had used to wipe up some spilled milk the other day. I draped it on the washer to dry out first so it wouldn’t stink up our bedroom (where the laundry hamper is). Then I managed to forget about it. Until tonight.

Silly me. I knew it would stink up our room but somehow managed to forget it’d stink up the laundry room. Oops. It’s in the washer right now with a little bit of bleach added for the smell.

As long as the forgetfulness doesn’t extend to something more important than a dish towel. . .

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2 thoughts on “Silly me”

  1. I do things like that all the time. My latest thing is walking out of places with something under my arm. I tried to leave the library the other day and the alarm went off. I went back to the desk and told the lady all my books had checked out fine, and then she asked, “What about that one?” I had tucked that book under my arm, gotten all my others, checked them out, and forgotten about the one under my arm! Yesterday I almost walked out of Michaels with a little shopping basket hanging on my arm – at least it was empty! LOL

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