Glucose test

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Yesterday morning was my glucose test, and my OB appointment was right after that. I gained 7 lb this month – a real surprise and a huge disappointment. The midwife I saw was NOT optimistic about the test results based on my weight gain and the crazy sugar cravings I’ve had. She gave me some carb counts to follow and said we’d wait for the results.

Then I called today, and found out that the results were actually good. That was a surprise! I’m thankful though.

Stephen and I have been talking about going back South Beach again, and I’m not sure if we’ll do SBD itself or Nourishing Traditions or a combination or what. . .but we do need to revamp some things. I’m going to try to follow the guidelines she gave me for now. Hopefully I won’t be gaining 2 pounds each week for the last 13 weeks of this pregnancy (I’m 27 weeks now).

I go back in two weeks so we’ll see how things have gone. It’s crazy that I’m that far along already.

We have all the big stuff for Little Miss, but now I’m just trying to get more diapers sewn (don’t have enough dipes for 2 in cloth!) and some little dresses for her. Oh, and some meals in the freezer for after her arrival. Other than that, we’re good.

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